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Kinda Corny Popcorn - In Stock
or 4 interest-free payments of $2.75 with

Kinda Corny Popcorn - In Stock
or 4 interest-free payments of $2.75 with

Product Details

Pumpkin - Basic Betties everywhere are pulling into coffee shops just trying to get a hint of pumpkin spice. Well, guess what? We've got those Betties covered and all pumpkin lovers. This fall blend brings all the best pumpkin flavors and colors into life for the season of colors. With warm flavors and beautiful colors, this will be the treat that everyone will want in their pantry. Skip the drive-through and get your bags now. 

Apple - Its that time of year that we get to cool down the weather and warm up the flavors. Imagine taking a crispy granny smith apple off the orchard tree and just dunking it with the best homemade caramel. Or even better, remember those caramel apple suckers that used to destroy the top of your mouth while you ate them? Well, these are way better than those and you don't have a recovery time. This crispy and crunchy combo is sure to make Fall a memorable experience. 

Cinammon Vanilla Pancake - Let's just let the popcorn do all the weekend work. I mean you could pull out all the ingredients and make cinnamon vanilla pancakes or you can just serve up a bowl of this deliciousness. Then you will have no mess, no more hangry people, and you get your belly filled up with warm cinnamon and vanilla vibes. This one is also super good if you toss it in a bowl and warm it up for 7-8 seconds in the microwave. But, don't take our word for it, you have seriously got to try this stuff. 

** Fall Blend LTO **  

Info & Benefits

  • Small Batch
  • Made Fresh
  • 3 Month Shelf Life


  • H 11" / W 6"
  • 6 oz Net Wt. 
  • 7 cups