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You Bronze Self Tannin Mousse
or 4 interest-free payments of $7.50 with

You Bronze Self Tannin Mousse
or 4 interest-free payments of $7.50 with

Product Details

PRESALE! One of the key ingredients is Green Tea extract which has anti-aging properties, diminishes the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles, & fine lines. Contains powerful antioxidants and skin soothing properties to moisturize and soften your skin. You Bronze is a flawless tan + skin serum all in one bottle! Made by a tan lover for tan lovers.

Key ingredients: green tea, lemon, apple, orange, sugarcane, comfrey & chamomile extract.

Anti-aging Benefits
Delicious Scent seriously smells SO SO good!
Streak Free
Cruelty Free!
Flawless natural looking tan EVERYTIME
NO orange
Lasts 1 week

Beautiful tan on ALL skin tones!

Proudly made in the USA!!

What's the Mitt For? The mitt ensures a streak free & smooth application of your You Bronze Self Tanning Mousse, all while keeping your hands stain free while providing a gorgeous tan every time. Highly recommended! 

Directions & Tips printed on each bottle!

Tip from the Pros: The biggest things are to properly exfoliate and then to be sure you apply lotion to your hands, feet, face, knees & elbows before tanning them. Be sure you remove all the dead skin off your body. Don’t forget to exfoliate your neck, chest and stomachs + sides. Use a loofa with a good soap and just scrub your entire body.

Common Questions Answered

Q: How often do I need to reapply my tan?
A: About every 5 days

Q: How many full body applications in a bottle?
A: 7/8 full body applications or 1 1/2 months if used consistently

Q:Is You Bronze safe during pregnancy?
A: Yes it is, always check with your doctor first though.

Q: Is You Bronze gluten & Paraben Free
A: Yes!

Q: Is You Bronze tested on Animals?
A: NEVER. We are a animal cruelty free brand ALWAYS ❤️

Q: Can I apply You Bronze to my face?
A: Yes, most definitely!

Q: Do I have to use the applicator mitt when applying the tanner?
A: Yes we highly recommend using our Applictor mitt so we can guarantee a flawless tan without unwanted staining on your hands.

Q: How fast does You Bronze dry?
A: Ive had some customers say their tan has dried completely within 10 minutes. When I apply two coats I feel it takes about 30 minutes to be 100% dry and okay to lay on white sheets with zero transfer.

Q: How does You Bronze look on stretch marks?
A: AMAZING! Lindsey the creator and founder of You Bronze who is a mother of 3 has lots of stretch marks and needed to create a self tanning mousse that would blend with them and not make her stretch marks stand out .


✨How to care for your mitt ✨
Step 1. Rinse off in cold water until you no longer see tanning mousse rinsing off
Step 2. Apply soap onto the mitt and rub into both sides
Step 3. Rinse off until you no longer see any soap or self tanner coming off
Step 4. Let air dry
We recommend doing this after every couple self tanning applications


PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-paid pre-order. This is expected to arrive in Early June!